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Modeltek Trophy 2021 - 1/5 RC cars International Championship, Touring and F1 cars

Modeltek Trophy 2021 - 1/5 RC cars International Championship, Touring and F1 cars

The Modeltek Trophy 2021 - 1/5 RC cars International Championship 

The Modeltek Trophy is organized by the "Genius racing" brand. The competion reaches its sixteenth edition this year. The race will be held at the Minicar Track in Fiorano (Italy) on days 8, 9, 10 October 2021. The categories of model cars competing will be 1/5 Touring and 1/5 Formula 1.


The Modeltek Trophy

The Modeltek trophy is organized by Noacco Zeno's Modeltek company. The company owns "Genius racing", which is one of the best known brands in the 1: 5 scale RC car sector.

The race is one of the most important 1/5 scale RC cars championship in the world. It reaches its sixteenth edition this year.

The race marks the end of the model car racing season. Many professional drivers from all over the world participate in the event.



Event agenda     

The competitions will take place over 3 days, on the weekend from 8 to 10 October.

Friday 8 October – controlled free practice
Saturday 9 October – qualifications
Sunday 10 October – Finals + prize ceremony

The qualifications will be held with the "round-by-round" points formula. Drivers will receive points based on their results: 1st place will get 0 points, 2nd place 2 points, 3rd place 3 points, 4th place 4 points etc. After all the qualification rounds the points from the counted rounds will be summed to form the final ranking. The best 3 out of 4 qualification rounds are valid for the ranking. The driver with less points will be the Top Qualified.

The duration of each qualification will be 10 minutes.

The finals will be held with the "bump-up" formula. The winning driver will access to the next final.

The duration of each final will be 30 minutes.



The categories of RC cars competing will be:

  • 1/5 touring elite class
  • 1/5 touring hobby class
  • 1/5 Formula 1


Location and access

The event will be held at the Track Minicar of Fiorano, located in via Antica Cava at the corner of Via Canaletto in Fiorano Modenese (MO).

The structure is one of the best known and most technologically advanced in Italy for RC cars competitions. It includes a 294 m long road track, equipped with a driving stage, paddock area, lap detection decoders, lighting system for night races and public grandstands capable of accommodating more than 300 spectators. The autodrome has also a large parking area for over 150 vehicles (also including 3 electrical panels for the supply of electricity for 20-30 campers).

Access to the race is free for specators.

You could also follow the event in streaming on the pullstartv website.



1/5 scale on-road 2WD model cars are allowed, with chassis with a minimum wheelbase of 460 and a maximum of 535 mm, and a minimum weight of 10 kg and a maximum of 12 kg.

During the race model cars will be subjected to technical inspections by race judges, in order to ensure a fair race.

The EFRA technical rules will be adopted in all stages of the competition, with the exception of the exceptions listed here.

Drivers will have 4 pairs of tires at their disposal for the 4 qualifications. The tires must be purchased at the organization's stand and will be stamped. For the Finals the tires are free.

To participate in the race, the Italian drivers must be in possession of the ACI or UISP card and show it to the race direction at the time of registration. No card will be required for foreign pilots.


Covid safety

To ensure a safe distance and therefore everyone’s health, the maximum number of drivers is 70



Registrations will be open from 13 September, on the bigscaleseries website. The updated list of all drivers will also be available in the website.

The subcriprion fee is 65 euros. It includes 2 pairs of tires PMT or GRP.

All participants will be provided with a free commemorative t-shirt of the race.



Further information and news on the competion will be available on the Genius racing FB page and at the genius racing and bigscaleseries websites

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